Monday, 21 June 2010

The comings and the goings and the fallings and the risings

Guys and girls

It seems as though it's been forever since I last updated, and I guess in the world of blogging (the so-called 'blogosphere'), a month and a half is a long time. During that period a lot has happened, a lot has been said and a lot has been covered, so I'll try to briefly run through the various occurences.

1) Wedding date set. Though we cannot necessarily afford to invite everyone we know, nor everyone we really care about and their plus-ones, we have taken a step towards permanently loving one another alone by booking the prestigious venue for Saturday 31st March, for around 3pm ceremony. Hopefully the sun'll be out so the place will be a little brighter. Save the day.

2) Exams over - I got through all five exams without really hitting any apparent stride, and although results won't be out from this for another fortnight, I am confident that I'll have done enough to secure my position on my masters course for next year. I really need it.

3) Eating out. Deanne and I went for dinner at our first Michelin Star restaurant last month as a joint birthday present. The food was sublime, and though we were absolutely smashed on two-for-one cocktails (working our way towards immortality on the wall of the bar, as well as a complimentary bottle of champagne), we really enjoyed the occasion. Plus tomorrow we have half-price dinner at the sister restaurant, so doubly good.

4) Joint lives. We are now the proud owners of a joint bank account, so if we're to steal it'll only be from one another. That's the real love.

5) Success - generally on and off the field we've been doing well, especially in the ol' cricket where I've finally been a contributor at a slightly higher level than usual as we've moved to top of the division in a league, by rights, we shouldn't be in (4th team in 3rd XI's 2nd division). #

6) World Cup. I don't much care for football, and as the form until the last couple of days has shown, that's completely justified as many teams had yet to get going. Portugal's demolition of North Korea may be the start of something new, though. Here's hoping.

7) Work. Fairly easy, well within my capabilities, though very, very interesting to go through records of times gone by and suchlike. Nostalgia is exactly how it used to be, and if anything I'm hoping to make it more so.

And thus concludes most of my life for the last six weeks. I apologise if I've not mentioned you by name, but chances are you've had such an impact I've taken it for granted. I am sure everyone knows their current status in my life, and especially those with a definite chance of the ol' invitation their way to that special day, but I currently only have but one day to myself a week and have rarely chosen to spend it alone. Make yourselves available on Monday evenings in East London and I can make those dreams come true.


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