Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Don't believe the truth (apparently)

There are two ways to look at the truth: your truth, the one you believe to be completely right without compromise; or the truth that perhaps exists outside of your jursidiction, where you cannot complain about the outcome, let alone the inputs that lead to that position of thinking.

After the abuse I've put up with, I believe (honestly) that I can have a good perception of the way things work in our particular circle. This puts me, in my OPINION, in the first of these two examples.

One sect of the Hockey Club at Queen Mary is fortuntate enough to have my responsible over-looking of their position, notably that I won't call up every offence if it then hinders an advantage. One sect is unfortunate not to have this bonus, based almost purely on the fact that I play for them. In future I will probably not be allowed to play being that I'm too good an umpire.

Regrettably, though, my level of umpiring is no higher than that offered by the girl who half the time sleeps in the room below me.

I don't think I'm a great official, but after agreeing with my opposing forward this evening I've been told that my comments were out of order. In my opinion that leads to censorship of the truth, which is worse than allowing lies to spread. At least in allowing them there is the freedom of speech, such as the BNP appearing on Question Time tomorrow (22nd October), rather than being as much an oppressor as their views would encourage.

In fairness my comments were justified in my OPINION. The amount of times I've been told that I'm wrong supercedes the amount of times I've said any umpire was incorrect in the decisions they've made, so while I apparently have been out of order this evening I would like to remind this one-man jury that I could quite as easily have thrown in my towel regarding umpiring other people's matches to preserve my sense of well-being; in order to not feel overly pressured or under appreciated. Just because she has boobs, and you want to 'get on that', doesn't mean her OPINION, or OBSERVATION, is any more valid than mine.

Subsequently I WILL be officiating the next fixture. Subsequently any 'stick' will result in either a 10-yard fine up the pitch or a card. And that's not because I know the rules any better (in this instance I'd quote that I didn't get as high a score), but simply because I intend to enforce them.

There are far too many examples to cite in upcoming fixtures, regarding specifically the level of officiating, but given that the boy who will fight HER battles sleeps downstairs from me and will subsequently smack me in the mouth for spouting MY truth, I shall 'abstain'. I already have written off any reconcilliation with my racist cousins, so what chance have I got with people who don't even share one, if not 23, chromosones, with me?


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