Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The new slang

It's been almost three weeks since I was last able to write down a briefing of my life, but having been told that I was a little too candid for my own good my hand was forced into shutting down the previous, infamous (or at least in-obscure) blog. So please brace yourself as I attempt to put down what I hope to achieve with this new title.

1) I will attempt to portray what it's like to live a pretty average life. While almost everyone in the 'blogosphere' (I agree with Charlie Brooker when I sudder at the thought of that term as the correct one for this form of communication) does this, mine is packed full of anger and controversy. However, now that I am living away from home I will at least try to be more thoughtful and considerate when I attack my prey.

2) I will make some generalisations without any references or justification. Essentially this is the same as before, but I feel that in the last four years I've gotten to a place that allows me to appear apparently informed.

That's about it for now, but I have to warn you that you WON'T like what you have to read, you WON'T agree with much of it and you're likely to want to harm me for the fact that I am:

a) pretty Conservative, both in Party and personal politics.
b) a tiny bit racist, although I feel I am able to embrace that as part of my personality (the same way that 'reformed paedophiles' now operate tour buses in London - see Brasseye)
c) lazy and depressed

There's more, but I have perhaps rushed this first entry simply because I cannot stand the idea of leaving it any longer before airing my views. That has been a drawback in the past, but no longer. I hope.


P.S. If anyone does want a full catalogue or perhaps only random months of the previous blog (jonezeeman.blogspot.com) then just get in touch with me here and I'll send them over; I've archived them for later in life when I'm famous enough that someone might read my memoirs.

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